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The year started pretty normally. You know getting back into routines after Christmas and New Years and just chilled a lot at home. For me it feels like January is the Monday of the months.. But in the middle of the month my mom asked if I wanted to go spend a spontaneous weekend in Prague with her and of course I wanted. So that was the highlight of January!


Right in the beginning of February I flew down to Miami. We had booked a family trip with my parents, grandparents, and my sister of course! It was so amazing to spend some time together. And we did so many fun things like visited the Kennedy Space Center, drove down to Miami and we even surprised my sister best friend at West Palm Beach.


As a Christmas gift last year I gave tickets to the Drakes concert for my sister. And in March it was time for that!!! One of the best concerts of my life. Of course I don’t have any pictures from there, but maybe you saw some videos on my instagram stories recap that I did? But what a fun weekend we had.

In March I also went to dog sit our dogs in Prague! I’m always so happy to travel there and can’t wait to go again this year.

In March I also shared my 10 favorite lunch spots in Stockholm! Check out the post here .

And a guide where to shop in Stockholm! Find the post here .


In April we decided with my family that we will go rent a place in Marbella for a month. But we will get into that soon. In April I started my collaboration with Wella and that was super exciting and I really loved working with them. We had a kickoff for the collaboration in Yasuragi!

In the end of April I traveled to Marbella for a month! I really liked to place even though we had so much trouble with the place we had rented.. I felt like last year it has been so much bad luck with just everything. I’m honestly keeping my fingers crossed that this year will be better. But don’t get me wrong! We had so good times there too :)

I also shared my 20 favorite places to eat at from Marbella. Check out the post here !


In the beginning of June it was time to celebrate my sister birthday, so I flew to Helsinki! We had arranged a little surprise for her with her best friends and her boyfriend. And honestly that was one of the best evening during the whole year!!! We had so much fun and laughed a lot.

If you want to you can watch the vlog about that from here since I took like zero pictures :-D

After that weekend it was time for Summerburst in Stockholm. I had never been there, nor had I planned to go. We actually bought the tickets same morning as the festival took place. I really wanted to go see Justin Bieber! So that’s what we did. When we got to the festival it started pouring rain like crazy, and Bieber really wasn’t that good.. So :-D

In June I just enjoyed the summer in Stockholm. This was the first time in two years since I was just at home over the summer. Last year we traveled around and year before that I spent my summer in Greece!

So I had many drinks with my friends out in the sun and even more dinner in amazing restaurants!

I also shared my 10 favorite restaurants in Stockholm! Check that post out from here.

Almost at the end of the month we celebrated midsummer with the girls in the city. We arranged a picnic in the park and it was so cozy! If you want to read how Swedish people usually spend their midsummer, you can check out this post.

And to top of that amazing month on 30th of June I turned 24.

On 24.12 we drove down to Miami and checked into Four Seasons for Christmas!

This year Christmas picture looked a little bit different than usual, since we spend Christmas Eve by the pool in a bikini, with a drink in my hand. Just the way I like it!

We ate at the restaurant downstairs of our hotel. Unfortunately, I have to say the food wasn’t good at all, and the chef in the kitchen wasn’t able to make any changes to the menu due to allergies.. We were so disappointed!

On 25th we had booked a Christmas brunch at the same restaurant. We were a bit skeptical, but the brunch turned out to be fantastic! Probably the best brunch I have ever had.


Christmas punch!

This Christmas was so different, but I loved it. I could definitely spend all of my Christmases to come in somewhere warm!

And in the day we went to the beach at Key Biscayne! It was an amazing!

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and I wish you happy holidays <3

Last Friday we flew to Dubai for a week. In the beginning I hadn’t planned to take a vacation, but a couple days before I decided what the hell, I also deserve a vacation here and there. Of course I shot some pictures and updated my instagram stories, but else than that I’ve been in full on vacation. I logged into my blog and mail first time in a week! It felt so amazing just to be, enjoy the moments without thinking all the time if I’ve collected enough material, stressing over slow wifi and etc.

Viime perjantaina lähdettiin tosiaan Dubaihin viikoksi lomalle. Vastoin kaikkia suunnitelmiani päätin lopulta, etä kyllä mäkin ansaitsen välillä lomailla kunnolla. Tai totta kai kuvasin teille kuvia nähtäväksi, ja päivin instagram tarinoitani yms., mutta muuten oon ollut aivan lomalla. Eilen kirjaudun blogiini sekä sähköpostiini ensimmäistä kertaa yli viikkoon! Oli aivan mielettömän ihana vaan olla, nauttia hetkistä ilman että koko ajan tarvitsee miettiä että onko mulla nyt tarpeeksi materiaalia, stressata huonosta netistä yms.

We stayed in a hotel named FIVE Palm Jumeirah. This was the view from our balcony! The hotel was so amazing, and I definitely want to stay there again on my next visit. Good location, brand new fresh hotel, good service, nice food.. The whole package!

Majoituttiin FIVE Palm Jumeirah nimisessä hotellissa. Tämä oli tosiaan näkymä meidän parvekkeelta! Hotelli oli aivan mieletön, ja aivan varmasti haluan ensi kerralla taas majoittua tuossa samassa hotellissa. Hyvä sijainti, aivan uusi todella freesi hotelli, mieletön palvelu, hyvä ruoka.. Koko paketti!

On our second (or basically the first night since we arrived to Dubai on Fri-Sat night at 3AM) we went for a dinner to a restaurant named Asia Asia and it was located in Dubai Marina. I ordered salmon-truffle-parmesan rolls and they were so amazing! It was lovely to eat on the terrace and enjoy the view over Dubai Marina. After the dinner we moved to another place upstairs an smoked some shisha.

Tokana iltana (tai ekana periaateessa, kun saavuttiin Dubaihin pe-la yönä kolmelta) käytiin syömässä Asia Asia nimissä ravintolassa Dubain Marinassa. Mun tilaamani lohi-tryffeli-parmesaani sushit oli aivan mielettömän hyvät! Heidän terassillaan oli ihana syödä ja katsella näkymiä. Ruoan jälkeen siirryttiin vielä kerrosta ylempänä olevaan paikkaan istumaan hetkeksi shishalle.

On the third day we went to the Mall of Dubai! And what a place. I think those words describe pretty well my impression of Dubai in general. Such a different place to what I’ve ever seen!

The mall was so huge! They really had everything there. All the possible stores, even a skating ring and an aquarium. Only minus was that the prices a bit higher than in Finland or Sweden. So I didn’t shop at all, I only bought a couple of make up things. Dubai is in general a bit pricey, or has the same prices as we have in Stockholm.

Kolmantena päivänä vuorossa oli the Mall of Dubai! Ja siis mikä paikka. Mun koko muukin vaikutelmani Dubaista tiivistyy varmaan muutenkin hyvin noihin sanoihin. Jotenkin niin erilainen mitä oon missään aikaisemmin kokenut!

Ostoskeskus oli aivan järkyttävän kokoine, ja sieltä löytyi oikeasti ihan kaikkea. Kaikki mahdolliset likkeet ja niin luistelurata kuin jättimäinen akvaariokin. Ainoana miinuksena kuitenkin korkea hintataso. Hinnat on paljon korkeampia ihan kaikissa liikkeissä mitä Suomessa tai Ruotsissa. Juuri mitään en siis ostanut, muutamaa meikkijuttua lukuunottamatta. Dubai nyt on yleisestikin vähän kalliimpi tai aika samalla hintatasolla mitä Tukholma.

Of ccourse I had to go an eat at my favorite fast food restaurant! Five Guys just has the best burgers EVER! It’s probably for the best that they don’t have a restaurant in Sweden or Finland, else I would probably eat there way too often :-D

Tietenkin mun oli pakko päästä myös syömään mun lempipikaruokaravintolassa. Five Guysin hampparit on vaan siis NIIIN HYVIÄ! Ehkä on ihan hyvä ettei heiltä löydy ravintolaa Ruotsista tai Suomesta, muuten kävisin siellä varmaan jatkuvasti :-D

At Dubai Mall you also find the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa! This time we didn’t go up there because we had already booked a helicopter ride so we decided to save this for the next time. Anyways impressive building even from outside.

Dubai Mallilta löytyy myös maailman korkein rakennus Burj Khalifa!! Ei tällä kertaa menty käymään tuolla ylhäällä, kun oltiin jo varattu reissulle helikopteriajelu niin päätettiin jättää tämä ensi kertaan. Vaikuttavan näköinen rakennus kuitenkin myös ulkopäin.

Ostoksessa sai helposti kulutettua koko päivän! Ja niin tehtiin mekin.

You could spend the whole day in the mall, and that is what we did too.

In the evening before leaving back to the hotel we went to see the Dubai Fountain, which is a fountain that is coordinated with music. In the evenings I think they have shows every 30 minutes, and it was just wow. Maybe you saw a video on my instagram stories? The fountain is 275 meters long, and I heard that the water can rise up to 150 meters during the shows. Definitely worth of seeing!

Illalla ennen hotelille lähtöä käytiin vielä katsomassa the Dubai Fountain, joka on siis suihkulähde joka on koordinoitu musiikin mukaan. Esityksiä on iltaisin aina puolen tunnin välein, ja en voi sanoa muuta kuin wau. Ehkä näittekin silloin mun instagram tarinoissa videon tästä? Suihkulähdeallas on 275 metriä pitkä ja vedet kohoavat esityksen aikana kuulemma aina 150 metriin. Todella näkemisen arvoinen juttu!

On the third way we spent some time just at the hotels pool! Our hotels pool and beach areas were super nice.

Kolmatena päivänä vietettiin päivää vaan altaalla! Hotellin allas- sekä ranta-alue olivat ihan mielettömän viihtyisät.

We ordered some lunch and enjoyed the sun.

Tilattiin lounasta ja nautitiin lämmöstä.

And enjoyed the view of course. I have to say that Dubai became one of my favorite places.

I will show you more pictures from rest of our vacation tomorrow! I also need to say that it feels super nice to update my blog again :-)

Ja tietenkin maisemista. Pakko sanoa että Dubai nousi heittämällä yhdeksi mun suoikkipaikoista.

Lisää kuvia loppureissusta tulee huomenna! Pakko myös sanoa, että on ihana taas päivittää tätä blogia ”pitkän” ajan jälkeen :-)