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Hat, jacket & shoes Zara / Pants Bik Bok / Bag Saint Laurent

A few months ago I wrote a blog post telling that this whole social media thing had been feeling so overwhelming. I’ve also told that I’ve had a lot going on in my personal life which has been really intense. I just haven’t had the strength to deal with all the negativity. Normally when my personal life is all good, I feel happy and strong, so I don’t mind the negativity in social media and I just brush it off. But when I already feel bad and then I log in to my blog and have to deal with even more bad vibes it’s has just been too much.

So why haven’t I been blogging? Honestly I also feel kind of lost. I’m looking for my place in this crazy world, and we will see where I’ll end up feeling like ”yes! this it what I want to do”. Meanwhile, I hope you guys understand and I SOOO appreciate all the support <3 It means everything to me! I like the saying ”sometimes you need to get lost to find yourself” and that is what I’m living with right now.

I’ve also gotten a lot of questions if I’m also going to write in Finnish or have I switched totally in English? I honestly don’t know. I’ve been writing my blog in Finnish for soon 6 years (feels so crazy!!!!), but like I said, lately I haven’t been in the mood to read all the comments that my grammar is bad etc etc. So just for now I’ll just write in English :-)

Pictures by Janina Havia

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Jacket here (get -20% off with the code ”natalia20) / Shirt H&M / Skirt Mango – similar here / Shoes Skopunkten – similar here

Or I believe I should say first outfit pictures of the year since yes, I’ve already worn clothes and outfits during this year. I haven’t jumped around in my PJ’s until now. I actually even flew to Helsinki last Thursday and I’m staying until Tuesday evening. I have to say it has felt pretty good to be back here. Before I’ve always said I don’t miss Finland but now I have to say I actually kind of miss it. But I guess that is pretty normal when you’ve moved abroad.

Yesterday was first they that sun came out in a super long time. Else it’s been dark all the time. It’s crazy when you’re not really sure if it’s morning, day or evening when you look outside of your window.

And hey, do you notice that I’ve got my hair a bit shorter? I actually did it already before New Year but I just haven’t shooted any new pictures until today :-D Have a great week everyone!

Pictures by Johanna Turpeinen


Do you guys remember my favorite hat from 2017? That black faux fur one? I wore it all the time during the winter. I still actually have it and had totally forgotten about it! When I saw these pictures I got the urge do wear it straight tomorrow. Will be interesting to see how it looks with my blonde hair.


You might be wondering what is that one summer outfit doing here. In February I traveled to Florida with my whole family, so that’s why. I don’t know if I should still do a year review? I did one on instagram, so what do you guys think? Was that enough or should I do one to my blog too?



March and April wear basic spring months!


In May I had a head start to the summer since I spent most of the month in Marbella!


I have to say that last summer was pretty amazing. And I love the looks of that time! The pictures also made me miss spring and summer so much.. Gladly we are finally headed to that way!



The autumn was the busiest time I’ve ever had. I’ve never traveled much! I visited Helsinki x 3, Prague x 2, Oslo, Paris and Copenhagen.. It was a lot, and at the same time I had also other stuff going on in my life.



And as you know I ended my year with blonde hair.

To be honest, I have no idea what 2018 holds for me. I wish I could say I’m sure this will be the best year ever, but I have a no idea what’s to come. I’m in so many crossroads at the moment. It’s crazy how much harder it gets to make decisions the older you get.. I guess it’s because you notice how the smallest things can change everything. Anyways, I wish you all the best for 2018! <3